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On the web, first impressions can make or break you. Potential customers won't spend more than a couple of seconds on your website if they don't immediately see something that appeals to them.
Therefore, the need for a well designed website centered on the wants and needs of your customers is imperative.
You'll find the insight, creativity, and usability of a website designed by our premiere web design associates to be a key piece in the equation to increasing your company's visibility.

A website is a 24/7 advertisement for your company, yet it costs a fraction of the price of an ongoing Yellow Pages ad and has a much broader reach. It provides information - everything from your phone number to the history of your company - to anyone interested in doing business with you.
These days, a company's credibility often hangs on whether or not it has a presence on the web. Moreover, the level of professionalism of your website inevitably affects the feelings of confidence and trust your audience places in your organization. One of the best ways to generate sales leads is by having a first-class website. Perhaps you want to take it a step further and set up a shopping cart on your website to make your products and/or services available to people from the comfort of their home or office. Your website is a great way to establish your company's message and overall image.
You can use your website as a convenient way to give your customers immediate access to status reports, forms, results, useful articles, etc., while simultaneously cutting your support, printing, and mailing costs.


 Make Money in Your Sleep!
With an e-commerce website, your business works for you 24/7, without additional overhead. Now, you literally can make money in your sleep!


Increase Web Traffic and Improve Search Engine Rankings!

When you hire New Breed's Active Web Group to undertake your SEO strategies, our experts employ a series of key techniques to increase your website's exposure on the major search engines. As your organic listings climb higher, your company becomes more visible and more credible to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attempts to increase the amount of traffic or visits to a Website, which should convert to conversions/sales. With the online market growing more competitive every day, businesses of every size from the smallest mom and pop store to multi-national corporations with offices across the globe are utilizing search engine marketing techniques in order to increase web traffic and improve organic search engine rankings.

Utilizing SEO to constantly modify a Website in an effort to make it visible to the major search engines such as: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and others is just one of the many services offered by Active Web Group, a full-service Internet Marketing agency.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective and cost efficient marketing tool for any business and the key to an effective search engine optimization/marketing program is to ensure that your customers and potential customers find your business before your competition.

Search engines are like any business and they make money by showing ads, this means they need to show ads to the largest number of visitors and they do that by giving them the most relevant search results. Active Web Group’s search engine optimization department will work to make your Web pages the most relevant pages available for your business related keywords.

On-Page Optimization Strategies include:

 Keyword Research: Effective and relevant keywords are the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Every website developed for-profit must revolve around carefully chosen and strategically placed keywords.

Page Content:
The creation of original content on your website is one of the most important on-page search engine optimization strategies. Page content that is detailed and unique to each individual page with relevant keywords interspersed throughout will have a significant advantage in being deemed relevant by the search engines

Title Tags:
Search engines consider keywords found in your title tag to be extremely important. They literally tell the search engine what your web page is about and are what the search engines use as your Web page’s link in the search results.

Web Pages:
The amount of pages on your website increases the content on your site, which, in turn increases the various page titles that contain relevant keywords about your services. Increased web pages allow you to dedicate whole pages to your most important services, which enhance the search terms that can be indexed.

These are just a few of the ‘on-page’ optimization strategies that the Active Web
Group SEO Department will employ to help increase the rankings of your Web pages.

Off-Page Optimization Strategies include:

Inbound Linking
: Link Building is the single most important search engine optimization strategy that can be done to improve your Web page’s rankings. It is, however, the trickiest and most time consuming.

Directory Submission
: Including your Website within various directories and properly classifying the categories to list your Website is simply another off-page optimization strategy.

There are other lesser elements of both on-page and off-page optimization strategies that can be implemented to create a successfully optimized Website.

Contact Us for a Free SEO Analysis of your Website!

Promote your products or services via e-mail! Effective email marketing allows you to build relationships with your customers or members, so that they transform from prospective customers to repeat clients.


Increase your website's visibility and brand recognition!  In addition to having a solid SEO program, pay per click search engine marketing (PPC) offers a way to actually buy your way to the tops of the major search engines.


(SEO) is an online marketing technique that uses keyword-rich content on your web pages to improve search-ability and web rankings. A Free SEO Analysis of your website from NEW BREED  will show you the current effectiveness of your website's content and its ranking potential. Our comprehensive free SEO report focuses on a number of factors that contribute to your overall Internet Marketing Strategy as well as suggestions that can significantly help improve your site’s rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.The SEO Specialists at NEW BREED are some of the most talented in the industry, with a proven track record for getting page one rankings using cutting edge analysis tools and techniques.

Site Report

Your web page has the potential to reach a Page One ranking on major search engines, and even rank higher than much larger competitors. It all depends on how well the website pages are optimized; traffic generated from links on other websites also plays a role.

Keywords Report
Your free SEO report will include details on how well your current site ranks on the search engines in relation to keyword search terms. The Free SEO Analysis of your website will reveal the effectiveness of your keyword optimization and the search engine traffic that is generated as a result. You’ll also be able to compare your own traffic rankings to those of your competitors.

Social Media
Social Media plays a large role in today’s online marketing. Because major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also SEO friendly, it is extremely beneficial to optimize your social media pages and posts. Links to your website from social media sites also help to generate more web traffic. A large social media presence translates to an increase in website traffic. Your free SEO report will offer insight to where your social media campaign is strong and where it is lacking.

To receive your comprehensive free SEO report with these details and much more,    click here

 Pay Per Ranking

Pay for First Page Results Only


Pay-per-Ranking® is an innovative and cost effective Search Engine Optimization service developed by New Breed that allows businesses to measure their online web presence and cut down on their marketing expenses with a program that only requires them to pay for results. Pay-per-Ranking® is an extremely attractive marketing strategy for businesses seeking good search engine rankings within the search engine result pages.

Most businesses will spend a lot of money  attempting to get top rankings from all the different search engines.
New Breed's Pay-per-Ranking Search Engine Optimization service has NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS and NO DEVELOPMENT FEES that makes businesses feel secure in their online marketing budget and enjoying a Win/Win process. This is an opportunity to have a Professional Search Engine Optimization service while only paying for results.

How Pay per Ranking Works

The Internet marketing consultants at New Breed will review and develop a realistic assessment of your business priorities. After this initial consultation, we will develop a comprehensive list of relevant and targeted search terms. New Breed will then design micro sites for relevant search terms central to the online development of your business model.

At the beginning of every month, the
Pay per Ranking SEO service will send you a Google Report tracking the progress of your online campaign. If your custom designed micro site for your keyword does not appear on the first page you are obligated to pay nothing. If the Website does appear on the first page your cost is as little as $100 per month per search term and only during the months your website appears on the first page of the search engine results.

Finally an online marketing strategy that is effective, affordable and 100% risk free.
Pay-per-Ranking by New Breed, Let Us Get You Ranked!
See how Pay-per-Ranking can work for you.

Pay per Ranking (PPR)

SEO: Employing Analytical Tools, Statistical Techniques, Web Design, and Sound Business Practices to attract Search Engines, and millions of Internet Users to your Website.

We propose to achieve a Page One Google Ranking for: your business with PPR (pay per ranking)

What we do:
We will work to continually optimize your Google Web Presence and will perform this work on speculation, entirely at our own expense. You risk nothing. Our compensation is entirely Performance-based. Before you commit, we will give you a price quotation for fixed monthly fees which will be billed when your Website achieves Page One Ranking.  Your success is our success. You will not be billed for any month that your business does not achieve a First Page position. We require only that you keep our Agreement for at least ninety days after being ranked on page 1, giving us time to do our work. Your business may also achieve Page One Rankings on Yahoo!, MSN, & other Search Engines. Page 1 Rankings on Search Engines other than Google are not billed.                                                                 

How we do it
New Breed will build three (3) individual micro sites, each designed and optimized for a specific search term related to your business. The sites will have as many pages required and as much SEO work necessary to achieve top Search Engine Rankings. Our fees are based on estimated traffic for the search term - which will be a fraction of the cost of Pay-per-Click rates.                      

What to Expect

We normally expect a ranking of 5th in Google (or better) in time.  Based on a 5th place ranking you can expect about half the exact searches to be visitors on your site. This includes traffic from Yahoo and MSN as well. Over time we expect to get the micro-sites into the top three positions and we will deliver even more traffic, but the fee stays the same. Every micro-site is designed to generate a “Call to action”. The response can be varied, depending upon what works best for your business. You may wish to receive phone call inquiries, or to click on a lead form or a specific page on your main site. The micro-site is a lead generation and sales tool, tailored to the conduct of your particular business, and designed to generate calls, leads and orders.

We continue to work on the sites each month to maintain and increase rankings.  We know that if the strategy is not bringing you business you will cancel the service and if the strategy is bringing you business you will keep the service.  We assume the risk.  We only ask that you commit to a minimum of three search terms and allow them to be ranked for at least three months to allow us to do our job. We will monitor the progress of the site and make adjustments to improve its position.

We require no up-front fees and have a simple Agreement to get started.

Web Marketing Statistics

  It is estimated that there are over 1 Trillion Web addresses in the world today - and increasing daily.
•  2006:  Average 2.7 billion online searches per month. 2009:  32 billion searches per month.
•  1992:  First text message sent. Today, texts sent & received in 1 day, exceed the total population on earth.
•  Google’s search market share is 76%
•  Google’s 08 ad revenue was $22 billion; the largest ad platform on the planet.
•  44% of small businesses don’t have a website.
•  82% of people look online for local products and services.
•  Of all local searches, 8 out of 10 will call or visit a store, and 6 out of 10 will buy.
•  66% of all commerce takes place on the local level.
•  There are 45 million small businesses and independent contractors in the USA.
•  97% of people with online access, research products and service providers before they purchase.

With either Pay-per-click or organic listings (Pay per Ranking), you can expect;

•   45% increase in “Call to action”
•    45% increase in orders
•    43% more page views
•    40% additional visitors

•    38% more time spent on your site

Here’s the most compelling statistic of all
If your business doesn’t have a well positioned Internet presence…
There’s a 100% chance that your potential customer, searching online for your products and services, will not find you.


Frequently Asked Questions

On what search engines will my business be seen?

New Breed pushes your information out to all the major search engines. Google, Yahoo. Bing, Ask, About, etc. Many other engines will show your site very quickly. Since more than 70% of all searches are done on Google, that is our main focus.

Why do I need New Breed’s websites, I have one of my own?

New Breed micro-sites not only provide an additional web presence for our clients but more importantly provide an optimized web presence designed for search engines results and additional exposure in the online directories. New Breed drives web traffic to your website through the optimized micro-sites.

Why is optimization so important?

Search engines are in the business of delivering the best, most relevant, results for each search query. This information is obtained through algorithms that travel and catalog (spider) the billions of websites on the Internet to determine which sites are relevant to that particular query. Relevant sites are then ranked from 1 to X and displayed in order. Sites are also valued and ranked by the quality of content. Optimization includes: website content, website structure, Meta keywords, keyword phrases, geographically targeted marketing, inbound links to your site, web traffic, and many other factors that increase the relevancy of an online presence. Without proper optimization, websites are lost in a cluttered Super-Highway of Information.

What’s the difference between Shopping search terms and Buying search terms?

Different keywords produce different results and target different markets. More clicks are not always better. Example: “Toyota” is a search term that would result in a great deal of exposure and clicks. On the other hand, shopping clicks such as: “Toyota RAV-4” wouldn’t get as many clicks, but the resulting clicks would be buying clicks; customers ready to buy that particular car. New Breed uses a combination of broad terms and refined phrases to attract your targeted customers. Often shopping keywords increase competition and your sales staff wastes valuable time with tire kickers while real buyers are ready to make a purchase.

What is Community-Direct?

Community-Direct is an optimization technique that focuses each client’s online campaign to a specific geographic area. This gives customers the ability to target specific areas of a town, neighborhood, entire cities or even larger tri-state regions. Focus your money in your target market!

What’s the difference between Organic links and Sponsored links?

Organic links are the natural results that search algorithms find, rank and list, based on the quality and content of a website. They are typically displayed on the left-side of the search engine results page. Organic listings cannot be purchased and take time and proper optimization before they are shown. Sponsored links are paid advertising links that populate quickly and are typically on the top and right-side of the search engine results page. The cost for this varies greatly depending on many factors such as the specific search term, competition, search volume, and how well the micro-sites is optimized.

Does New Breed get me ranked organically or with sponsored links?

We can do both. However, this presentation covers the PPR SEO organic ranking process only.
Because it takes time and proper optimization for ads to show organically, we do offer an additional package that includes sponsored (paid) links for customers wanting immediate visibility on the search engines (usually within 3 days)

Is PPR a flat fee or a pay-per-click service?

One set pre-determined monthly fee, we do not charge a per-click fee.

How will I know how I am ranked?

New Breed will send you a monthly detailed report of your results.

Does New Breed offer larger regional or national campaigns?

Yes, New Breed offers custom regional and national and international campaigns, each individually targeted and priced.